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GZTASCR Conductor

Gap-type ZT-aluminum conductor steel reinforced (GZTACSR) uses heat-resistant aluminum over a steel core. A small annular Gap is maintained between a high-strength steel core and the first layer of aluminum alloy strands. The gap between the first layer trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands and the steel core is filled with high thermal resistant grease. The principle of the Gap type conductor is that it can be tensioned on the steel core alone during erection. This results in a conductor with a knee-point at the erection temperature. Above the knee point conductor will have a thermal expansion equal to that of steel, while below the knee point temperature it is that of a comparable ACSR. This construction allows for low sag properties above the erection temperature and good strength below the thermal knee point. Presence of heat resistant Zirconium aluminum alloy makes the conductor suitable for continuous operation at elevated temperature (up to 210o C ) without affecting its mechanical and electrical properties.

Special Features:

Suitable for continuous operation at elevated temperature

High Current carrying capacity ( up to 1.6 times to that of conventional ACSR ).

Good mechanical properties

Low Sag at high temperatures

Low thermal knee point

A very cost effective solution for enhancing the power transfer capacity of existing lines.


The GzTACSR manufactured and supplied by Midal meets (rather exceeds) all requirements given in the available international standards like IEC 62420 /62004 & ASTM B941. Midal woks very closely with various electrical utilities around the globe and develop the HTLS conductors to meet the specific requirements of these utilities.

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