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ACSSTW Conductor

Shaped Wire Compact Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductor, Steel-Supported (ACSS/TW) is a concentrically stranded conductor with one or more layers of trapezoidal shaped hard drawn and annealed 1350-0 aluminum wires on a central core of steel. ACSS/TW can either be designed to have an equal aluminum cross sectional area as that of a standard ACSS which results in a smaller conductor diameter maintaining the same ampacity level but reduced wind loading parameters or with diameter equal to that of a standard ACSS which results in a significantly higher aluminum area, lower conductor resistance and increased current rating. ACSS/TW is designed to operate continuously at elevated temperatures, it sags less under emergency electrical loadings than ACSR/TW, excellent self-damping properties, and its final sags are not affected by long-term creep of aluminum. ACSS/TW also provides many design possibilities in new line construction: i.e., reduced tower cost, decreased sag, increased self-damping properties, increased operating temperature and improved corrosion resistance. The coating of steel core is selected to suit the environment to which the conductor is exposed and operating temperature of the conductor. ACSS/TW can be supplied on Returnable Steel Reels or Non-Returnable wooden/steel reels depending on customer requirement.

Special Features:

Reduced drag characteristics

Excellent self-damping properties

Improved current carrying capacity

Low wind and ice loading parameters

Long term creep of aluminum does not affect final sag


Midal manufactures ACSS/TW with Galvanized steel (normal as well as high strength), Zn-5Al mischmetal coated steel or Aluminum clad steel core.ACSS manufactured by Midal meets or exceeds the requirements of international specification standards like ASTM B 857.

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