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Thermocouple Extension Cables

These cables are used in boilers, furnaces and heat treatment industry. These cables are produced with specified alloy conductor, PVC/XLPE insulated, cores twisted to form pairs, individually or overall shielded. These can be armoured / unarmoured and with sheathing with FR/FRLS properties. These cables are used in processes to sense temperature and are connected to the pyrometers for indication and control. These cables are manufactured by GPIL as per IS: 1554(Pt – 1), PAS 5308(Pt – 1 & 2), IEC 189 (Pt – 1 & 2), VDE 0815 & 0816, EN 50288-7 and so on.

  • Packing Options

    500 & 1000 ± 5 % Drum Length
    As per requirements of customer