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AL-59 alloy conductors are manufactured from Al-Mg-Si (aluminum-magnesium-silica) rods. The conductor comprises of an inner core and concentrically arranged strands forming the inner and outer layers of the conductor. These are low resistance High Conductivity alloy conductors with excellent electrical characteristics, excellent sag-tension characteristics and superior corrosion resistance to that of ACSR. As compared to ACSR they have lighter weight, comparable strength and current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance have given this conductor wide acceptance as a transmission conductor. It has found limited use, however, as a distribution conductor. Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited can manufacture and supply AL 59 on Non returnable wooden/steel reels or Returnable steel reels depending on customer’s requirement.



AAAC conductors have the following features:

High strength to weight ratio

Improved sag characteristics

Power Transfer Capacity enhanced by approx. 15%.

Better Conductivity, so better power transmission.

Lower Operating costs due to lower ohmic losses

Can be recycled easily.


AL 59 conductors are manufactured by Gupta Power in accordance to the following standards SS 4240814 & SS 4240813.