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ACAR conductors are made up of concentrically stranded wires of Aluminium 1350 on high strength Aluminium - Magnesium - Silicon(AlMgSi) alloy (6101/6201) core. The number of wires of Aluminum 1350 & AlMgSi alloy (6101/6201) may vary as per the design of the cable. The general design construction comprises a stranded core of AlMgSi alloy strand, but in certain constructions, the wires of AlMgSi alloy strands could be distributed in layers throughout the Aluminium 1350 strands. ACAR has better mechanical and electrical properties as compared to an equivalent ACSR, AAC or AAAC. Due to good balance between mechanical and electrical properties, ACAR conductors are the best choice where the ampacity, strength and light weight are the main preference of the line design. These conductors are extensively used in overhead transmission and distribution lines. Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited manufactures and supplies ACAR on Non returnable wooden/steel reels or Returnable steel reels depending on customer’s requirement.



ACAR conductors have the following features:

High strength to weight ratio

Balanced mechanical and electrical properties

Improved electrical characteristics

Excellent resistance to corrosion


ACAR conductors are manufactured by Gupta Power in accordance to the following standards AS; ASTM; EN(BS EN); CAN -CSA; DIN; IEC; IEEE; IS; NFC; SS; UL; ANSI.