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AAC conductors are made up of single or multiple strands of hard drawn 1350 - H19 aluminum. These conductors are used in low, medium and high voltage overhead lines. These are extensively used in urban areas where pans are usually short but conductivity is high. Due to high corrosion resistance property of aluminium, AAC a conductor are majorly preferred and used in coastal areas. Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited can manufacture and supply AAC on Non returnable wooden/ steel reels or Returnable steel reels depending on customer’s requirement.



AAC conductors have the following features:

High Current Carrying capacity

Excellent resistance to corrosion 


AAC conductors are manufactured by Gupta Power in accordance to the following standards AS; ASTM; EN(BS EN); CAN -CSA; DIN; IEC; IEEE; IS; NFC; SS; UL; ANSI.