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GZTASCR Conductor

GZTACSR Conductor has unique construction featuring a small annular Gap is maintained between a high-strength steel core and the first layer of aluminum alloy strands. The gap between the first layer trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands and the steel core is filled with high thermal resistant grease. Extra and Ultra High Strength steel core with adequately tested galvanization/Aluminium Cladding and temperature resistance up to 210°C. High temperature grease developed to allow the aluminium to move freely over the steel core resistant to temperatures up to 300°C. These conductors are excellent solution for up rating overhead lines. Existing ACSR conductors can easily be replaced by Gap conductors offering up to double the capacity, improved conductivity. The principle of the Gap type conductor is that it can be tensioned on the steel core alone during erection. This results in a conductor with a knee-point at the erection temperature. Above the knee point conductor will have a thermal expansion equal to that of steel. This construction allows for low sag properties above the erection temperature and good strength.


GTACSR/GZTACSR conductors have the following features:

  • Carry up to twice the current of conventional overhead conductors due to their high temperature capability.
  • Better self damping property
  • Low sag at high temperature
  • Low thermal knee point

Applicable Specification

GTACSR/GZTACSR conductors are manufactured by Gupta Power in accordance to IEC 62004, IEC 61232 , Generally to IEC 61089/IEC 62420 & Other Standard

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