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ACCC® Conductor

ACCC® Conductor consists of a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core which is wrapped with trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands. The high strength structural core carries most of the conductor's mechanical load, while the fully annealed aluminum strands carry all of the conductor's electrical current. ACCC® Conductor's composite core is much lighter and stronger than conventional or high-strength steel core.

ACCC® Conductor


ACCC® Conductor

Ideal for Reconductoring

Increase capacity while improving line clearance and losses.
Reduce strain on structures, increasing life. 
Reduced Line Losses in New Lines.

Under equal load conditions reduces line losses by 30%-40% compared to conductors of the same diameter and weight.
100% more capacity building towards future demands.


With 28% more annealed aluminum in a trapezoidal configuration, the ACCC Conductor of the same diameter as ACSR, can double the current (ampacity) rating; Higher operating efficiency reduces line losses and associated emissions by more than 35%, resulting in more power delivered and lower power generation costs.

ACCC Conductors use a patented carbon/glass/thermoset resin core that provides high strength and reduces high temperature sag.
Can re-conductor existing pathways without structural modification and reduce capital expenses on new lines.
Uses conventional installation methods, tools and mostly conventional hardware. Requires no special tools and limited special training.
Resists environmental degradation-will not rust, corrode or cause electrolysis with aluminum conductors and components.

ACCC® is a registered trademark of CTC Global Corporation in the United States and other Countries. ACCC® Conductors are manufactured under license from CTC Global Corporation, in accordance with its technical requirements and specifications.