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TACSR Conductor

TACSR/AW Conductors are very similar in construction to a conventional ACSR conductor but the EC Grade Aluminium wires are replaced with Heat Resistant Aluminium Zirconium Alloy (generally known as TAL ) . The center wire or wires are made up of Al-Clad steel (20SA Type) and the outer layer or layers of thermal resistant Aluminium alloy. Zirconium doped aluminum alloy maintain the electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, thus making these conductors cost effective with enhanced capacity.


TACSR/AW conductors have the following features:

  • Work  at High Temperature upto 150°C  without any loss of Strength 
  • Power Transfer Capacity enhanced by approx. 50%.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion thus preferred in corrosive and coastal environments
  • Withstand high tensile load

Applicable Specification

TACSR/AW conductors are manufactured by Gupta Power in accordance to IEC 62004 , IEC 61232 , Generally to IEC 61089 & Other Standard