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Corporate Social Responsibility

Gupta Power considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one of the most standard practices of the company. We regularly invest in various sustainable environment strategies at a large platform. To assume responsibility of our activities and their consequences is part of an inherent value system that has served us well towards the creation of a holistic organisation. We provide basic healthcare to the community work towards uplifting the under-privileged sections of society.  We have been involved in plantation activities.

Few associations of Gupta Power are as follows:

1. F.T.S. - Friends of Tribal Society 


3. BRT -53 

4. IVF 


6. YI - CII 

7. Marwadi Society

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We run regular programs to improve working environments and instill corporate values. We organise regular medical checkups camps, stress management sessions, marathons and so on for the benefit of general well being and overall health. Recently we had organised health check up, bone density check up camp, diabetes screening camp and eye check up camp and stress management session

Our other initiatives include anti-accident awareness, environment consciousness, risk management skills and company privacy protection.

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Local Residents

The Rawa Academy and the Mumtaz Ali School are among some of the educational institutions that have benefitted from the distribution drives that we periodically organise. Our philanthropic activities extend to schools for the specially able children where we often distribute basics ranging from school bags to sweaters and to high schools, essentials like computers and projectors. Across Odisha we have identified causes that need attention – health, environmental issues, village handicrafts and entrepreneurship among others. Issues that we diligently pursue to give back to the society the care it truly deserves.